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We are looking for 10 people who are ready to transform their life with our 30 Day Body Transformation program.

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The hardest part is starting...

It can all be a little overwhelming to step into a new gym or training program so we have developed the perfect way to walk you through training and eating for health with the awesome side benefit of an improved body composition. You will look, feel and perform better in just 30 days!

A complete program...

Whats included:

  • Pre & Post body composition scans on the state of the art InBody 570

  • 4 Small group training sessions to teach you how to move correctly, scale workouts and train safely

  • Access to over 25 Classes per week including free childcare if needed at selected classes

  • Initial goal setting session with one of our amazing coaches

  • Ongoing support and accountability throughout the 30 days

Limited places available so don't wait...!

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Cindy, Motto: "Our Gym , Your Health"

These guys really live by that! Great guidance. Caring coaches making sure you are getting the best out of each and every workout And if that means you need to do something a little different to others for whatever reason, that’s cool - you will be guided and coached in what you need to do. Brilliant!